New Services

During this critical time of social distancing to keep everyone safe & healthy; we have come up with some new ways to interact with our amazing clients and still feel connected as well as keep your wardrobes fresh because getting dressed always helps us feel better!

So we are excited to be offering the following services at Cash & Clive:

1 HOUR AT HOME TRY ON SESSIONS Do you live local, renting local at a house or hotel? If so this is for you. If you are in Cape May we will bring the goods to you for 1 hour and you can try everything on in your hotel or home.  We will chat on the phone to get your sizes, styles, likes/dislikes etc then schedule a 1 hour time slot to drop off the items for you to try on, we will text you when we arrive and then be available the entire hour to answer questions via text or phone, at the end of the hour you will bring out the items you want to return and we will charge you for the items you choose to keep. 

-BOX SERVICES We will handpick and ship you an assortment of items we think you will love based on information we gather from you. You will then have 10 days to try on everything from the box in the comfort of your own home, keep what you love and return what you do not. You will only be charged for the items you keep! See "TRY ON BOX" product to purchase this service and for a more detailed description of how it works.

-NO CONTACT  if you are live local you can place your order with us and we will drop it off at your door or you can pick up at our door.

-FACETIME shopping sessions of new arrivals.  We will schedule time to call you and walk you through the store to see new arrivals or talk you through sizing before you make a purchase and then ship it to you or you can pick up at the shop.

-GIFT CARD INCENTIVES for every $50 dollars spent in gift cards you will receive an additional $10 dollars (example: spend $50 get $60, spend $100 get $120 etc.) We will send you the additional dollars in a separate gift card.

-SOCIAL MEDIA INCENTIVES  this is a fun one; follow instructions on certain posts to receive a discount code on your next purchase, so be on the look out for those posts!

Please email, fill out the contact form or DM us if interested in any of these services!


The Cash and Clive Team

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